Betting on basketball, the process of betting on basketball online

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Betting on basketball, the process of betting on basketball online

Basketball  is another popular sport. If you are interest in betting. We have information about the game. Basketball is a competitive sport between two teams of five players in each team. Is to score by throwing the ball. Into the opponent’s basket as well as protecting the door loop of their own Not allowing opponents to throw in there. In the hoop (opponent’s and own goals) the attacker will score by leading the ball. Throw it into the opponent’s hoop. We have to defend the goal of our own and at the end of the match. Which team has more points? will be the winner in that game Scoring depends on the shooting range. which ranges from 1 2 3 points. Can play no matter where with UFABET

1. Once logged in Go to the “Basketball” menu, which will be on the left-hand side of the sports betting menu.

2. Basketball betting All 3 main bet types are accept., Which can applie to all quarter bets. However each match may have only two slots to bet on. with different handicaps and water prices

  • full time basketball  It is a win-lose prediction with a handicap. Let us choose to bet on any team.
  • Bet on high/low scores  It is a prediction that the total score will be greater. or less than the specified point
  • Bet on even/odd scores  (Both full-time or split-quarter) The box marked FT. O/E will contain the words Even and Odd, which stands for Full Time (Full Time) and Odd/Even (Even/Odd). game over The total score will be an even number. Or odd number itself, so if you find another abbreviation in the table such as 1st. O/E, don’t panic. Because it means betting on the first half of the basketball itself.

3. Once you have selected the desired betting style Click to select a pair. Enter the amount you want to bet and then press OK.

basketball rules

  1. Players are not allow to run with the ball.
  2. Players can pass the ball in any direction. Can be use with one hand or two hands.
  3. Players can dribble the ball in any direction. Can be use with one hand or two hands.
  4. Players must use both hands to control the ball. and do not use the body to help in possession of the ball
  5. Do not use the shoulder when playing. Do not use your hands to pull, do not push, do not hit, or do not do anything to cause opponents to fall. If a player continues to disobey. It is consider a foul one time, if two fouls are count. The right to play is forfeited. Until one side can score a goal, then can play again. If an injury occurs in a match There will be no change of players.
  6. Do not use your legs and feet to touch the ball. If violate, it is consider a foul once.
  7. If either side makes three consecutive fouls, the other side scores a goal.
  8. Goals that can be score or counted as goals Must be throwing the ball into the basket. The defenders are absolutely unable to interfere with the goal.
  9. When any party makes a ball out of the field The other party must deliver the ball into the court from the boundary within 5 seconds. If more than 5 seconds, change the pass. and if any player tries to delay the time to be a foul
  10. The referee is responsible for determining which players have committed fouls. and is responsible for penalizing the players to lose the right to play
  11. The referee is responsible for determining which balls go out of the field. And which side should be the side that sends the ball into the field and act as a timekeeper, recording the number of goals scored and generally act according to the judge’s vision
  12. The play will be divid into 2 halves, each halving 20 minutes.
  13. The side that scores the most goals will be the winner. But in the event that the scores are equal. The time will be extend again Whoever scores a goal first is deem to be the winner.

  Basketball games are divid into four  quarters. Each of which has 10 minutes (international) or only 12 minutes (NBA), 15-minute half-time, and two-minute breaks in overtime (overtime) of 5. Minutes, each team will start alternating sides in the second half. Time is counted only while playing. And the clock will stop counting when the game is stopped, so the match time is very long. (about two hours)

basketball betting

  1. betting Full-time online basketball betting if at the end of all 4 quarters and there is a draw. there will be overtime and will also count the result of overtime
  2. The match has been postpon. Bets will be void. And you will get all your stake back.
  3. NBA basketball after 43 minutes of play and the match was paus consider to be canceled 12 hours from the start time. The score at that time will be taken to account for the profit and loss of the bet. If it is not NBA basketball. At least 35 minutes of play must be play before the match is consider complete. Unless there is an official announcement from the website. Then bets will be consider void.
  4. In the case of placing bets on the 4th quarter only Overtime totals will not be counte.
  5. In the event that a match is stop or canceled, the quarter has already ended. Still considered as a result of placing bets. For example, if cancel in the 3rd quarter then bets on the first 2 quarters will be consider complete. And to adhere to that result