Arteta still hopes Arsenal will overtake Spurs to qualify for the Champions League.

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Arteta still hopes Arsenal will overtake Spurs to qualify for the Champions League.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has spoken ahead of the final game against Everton in the Premier League as he still hopes to qualify for the Champions League. League final game of the season

Arsenal must win the last game of the season. While struggling to beat Spurs in a trip to Norwich City, Arsenal have been looking forward to a return to the Champions League for five years from 2017-18 onwards. Report from UFABET

“The first is to thank everyone. This might be my last day with the press. After finishing the race tomorrow And we’ll all be on vacation. I think it’s another long journey. And it’s full of great challenges this season. But I think we’ve come a long way as a club. and as a team I think we’ve had a shift in energy, determination, expectations, showing a sense of unity between the staff, the staff and everyone at this club. Especially our fans throughout the past season. Especially during difficult times. And now I feel hopeful And expect to lead the team to the right place for us We achieved what was expected with the project we had planned from last year. with young players and older players who play and help each other Like the fans in the stadium It’s a good connection.”

“Now we will return to European football again. We still don’t know which item. and it will be known soon Hopefully it’s the Champions League, I believe we are doing what we have to do. We will support Norwich doing what they can. After that we hope our club will take the team to the next level.”

“From now on we have a clear plan for what we want. It’s no secret that we need more people in terms of quality and quantity, as well as maintaining our standards. It is the next challenge for the upcoming season.”

“Still possible And looking back a few years. We’ve seen examples of teams playing in the last game. And there’s what happen to the last game. I hope so.”