Del Bosque says Barca still haven’t played according to Xavi’s plans.

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Vicente del Bosque thinks Barcelona are still not playing as coach Xavi Hernandez had previously intended.

Vicente Del Bosque, former coach of the Spanish national team that won the World Cup and Euro Championship. Criticizing Barcelona for not showing Xavi Hernandez on the field after the Azul Grana team did not perform well this season. ทางเข้า UFABET From the disclosure to Ser Muang Krating media last Friday. 

‘He just recently won the league. Big teams often play teams that defend deep and have very little space. Barcelona have always been unique in their opening game. And they’re missing some of that,’ Del Bosque said.

When asked if he doubts Xavi is failing himself when it comes to the style of play the 43-year-old has always sought. The coach said: The former Bulls boss replied: ‘A coach must always set the highest goal. Even though sometimes that goal cannot be reached.’  

Del Bosque also added of Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid: ‘He has always represented the club very well. Except on occasion’ before praising the Italian trainer’s management of the change at the Santiago Bernabeu, saying: ‘Whereas Los Blancos have to overcome players like Sergio. Ramos, Karim Benzema and Luka Modric, if you win it’s easy. But if you lose it will be a different story.’