Guardiola confident Manchester City deserves the win

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Guardiola confident Manchester City deserves the win

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola insists they deserve a win in their latest game against Everton to lead the Premier League on for another week.

“The Blues” got the only goal in this game from the moment. The Everton defender made a mistake to block the ball, spilling over to Phil Foden to kill.

“Over 90 minutes we were the better team. In the second half we can still do better. It wasn’t easy, Richarlison was always playing against Rodrigo. And they gave our central defender some rhythm. But not opening other areas for us at all It was a very difficult game but we were patient and in the second half we got counter-attacked. Like we can do the same and more We did better and deserved to win this game.”

Guardiola also addressed a late game problem involving Rodri’s handball, when VAR ultimately denied a penalty Guardiola told UFABET.

“When VAR has that moment taken into consideration. Everything is possible. But I think the referee said it was offside when Dele Alli had passed the ball to Richarlison earlier. And if they say it’s not a penalty It was not a penalty.”

Manchester City have 11 games remaining in the Premier League and they lead second-placed Liverpool by six points by playing more than one game. And they both teams will need one game against each other this season.