Hasselbaink insists Thiago Silva is a better defender than Van Dijk.

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Hasselbaink insists Thiago Silva is a better defender than Van Dijk.

Chelsea legend Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has confirmed that Thiago Silva is the Blues’ mainstay. A better centre-back than Liverpool ‘s Virgil van Dijk in terms of playing with the ball.

“I want to admire Thiago Silva in the final against Liverpool because he can handle all kinds of pressure. Clearing the ball, heading, intercepting, positioning was nothing wrong with it. It also helps to solve problems for the defensive line correctly throughout 120 minutes as well,” Jimmy Floyd told UFABET.

“Every time Silva successfully intercepts the ball from the opponent. He will immediately pass the ball forward to the friend who can play the best counter attack game. And it made many times we went all the way up to the Liverpool box with a lot of hopes.”

“Virgil van Dijk played without a single flaw. But personally I think that Silva is a little better. And it really should be.”

“Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying who’s worse than who. But what it means is that Silva can only play better with the ball. Because if you notice, you will see that when Van Dijk is pressed, he will kick off the sidelines to solve immediate problems, while Silva will choose to calmly keep the ball down or clear out where his friends are standing. precise”

“Of course I love Van Dijk like everyone else. And also know that you young swans would disagree (tell Redknapp and Carragher sitting next to them), but as a football lover you must admit that the fact is that Silva is clearly superior. in this regard”

“However, Silva, Van Dijk are world-class defenders. That’s all I can say.”