James suggests Kelleher may have to choose whether to stay at Liverpool or leave.

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James suggests Kelleher may have to choose whether to stay at Liverpool or leave.

Former Liverpool goalkeeper David James has clarifie that Cauimhin Kelleher. The hero who led the Reds to the Carabao Cup triumph. May need to leave Anfield for a better future.

“I see Kelleher’s next period very interesting in fact. I have been analyzing since last year that one day. He will have to choose his future path. Of course,” the grumpy legend told UFABET.

“If you look at it. We can see that only Man City and Liverpool are the two teams. That try to turn the most players on the pitch. Give the substitutes a chance to experience the game thoroughly. At this point I appreciate it.”

“Kelleher himself has able to prove to the world the incredible quality every time. He gets into the starting XI. And when you’ve evolved by leaps and bounds like this. The coach gave this opportunity. Of course, one looks forward to seizing the top spot in the future.”

“But after Alisson Becker renewed his contract for another five years. Believe me, Kelleher had to go home and ask himself what he should do with life. Wait for the days and days until the seniors retire or move out to become the first in another team ?”

“Okay, maybe now he’s happy because of the admiration from all around. And it makes me lose interest in the future for a long time. Even if I have to sit on the bench for many more years, I can endure it.

“But in the end Every professional footballer comes to his mind that we should make some decisions. In fact we want to keep playing for the post every week. Or be the bench to endure and win trophies with a big team like Liverpool. Even though I didn’t play at all.”