Jurgen Klopp is preparing to assemble the best team to clash with Fulham to enter Wembley Stadium. In the final of the Carabao Cup. 

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Now there is one more step left for Liverpool to enter Wembley Stadium. In the final of the Carabao Cup, Jurgen Klopp is preparing to assemble the best team to clash with Fulham in the second round of the playoffs on Wednesday, January 24.

For this match, the Liverpool hold the advantage of winning the first game 2-1, so in the match at Craven Cottage, they are preparing to face the army’s attacking storm. Fulham who hopes to turn the situation around to win.

In this event, Jurgen Klopp will likely have to adjust his team not too much from the last match, defeating Bournemouth 4-0 in the league game last weekend. And it is expect that if there are no injured players, there will probably be only one position change. Because the team is playing perfectly. 

It is normal for England’s smallest cup game that Klopp will choose to use Kevin Kelleher as goalkeeper. The players are still consider to be performing consistently for this competition. Of course, the German boss wants the Kevin Kelleher to gain as much experience as possible. Because when Alisson Becker isn’t ready to enter the field He can step up and take the number 1 position immediately.

In fact, we almost didn’t see it. Kevin KelleherIs there to help guard the pole for the team this season because in the summer there was heavy news that He wants to move teams for the opportunity to play continuously as a starter. After being a patient reserve all along Since coming up to play for the first team

The 23-year-old goalkeeper made his most outstanding performance in the 2021-2022 season by playing as a starter. And led the team to win the Carabao Cup successfully and was a part of the team having a chance to win 4 championships in that season. Even though in the end I was heartbroken and only won 2 championships. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Although now Andrew Robertson has recovered from his injury and is able to return to practice with the team. But it is expected that in this match, Jurgen Klopp will not risk sending him onto the field immediately. So Joe Gomez still has the opportunity to play. And have a chance to score the first goal in his career as a football player While the right side now cannot escape Conor Bradley who is in extremely hot form. As for the centre-back pair, right now there is no one as perfect as Ibrahima Konate and Virgil van Dijk. However, with conditions that have a tight schedule, Klopp may decide to rest Ibu to prevent problems. Injury and sending Jarrell Quansah to do his job is possible.