Kelleher reveals what Klopp said to him

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Kelleher reveals what Klopp said to him after he became Liverpool’s title hero

Liverpool hero Cauimhin Kelleher has revealed what manager Jurgen Klopp said after he led the Reds to the Carabao Cup on penalties with Chelsea the night before

“Damn it, I really believe I’m going to save at least one penalty from Chelsea. But in the end, they hit 10 times with all defenses,” Lukmee told UFABET.

“There were many times when I hit the right direction and I felt it should have been saved, but unfortunately it went through all the hands, which will take this point to further study to improve myself. But more importantly, I don’t think it will drag on to the point where I have to shoot myself.”

“After shooting I don’t even think that I will be the one who scores the winning goal for the team to win the championship like this. Everything happened very quickly. And I’m happy to see my team-mates shoot so accurately.”

“The League Cup is perhaps the smallest in England. But it is a success that will definitely help us continue to reach even greater heights. That’s what we’re all sure of.”

“After the game, Jurgen Klopp said to me a little bit, You’re awesome to score the last goal for the team to win. It is truly breaking down the huge barriers in its path that lead the club into a new future. Because before, we were so far from being champions of the cup that no one had any hopes at all.”