Marseille president has confirmed he plans to buy Guendouzi

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Marseille president has confirmed he plans to buy Guendouzi from Arsenal. After the player completes the contract.

French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is officially. Set to become new player for Olympique Marseille. After he has played the full amount agreed with Arsenal to buy the player automatically reported by UFABET.

The 22-year-old midfielder joined Marseille this season on a loan deal with an option to buy, most recently Pablo Longoria, president of O’AM. Has confirmed that they will sign the French midfielder at the end of this season. After the players played according to the amount agreed with Arsenal to achieve an absolute purchase agreement in the end. By stating that Gwen Duzie will sign a contract with O’am. For three years until mid 2025. The player’s transfer fee is said to be around £9 million. 

Guendouzi has not played for Arsenal. Since the end of the 2019–2020 season since. He had a problem with Brighton striker Neil Malpay during a strangulation at the end of the game. And it was state that he used harsh words against his competitors. Prior to the rubbing, Mikel Arteta. Including Edu Gaspar, call for personal talks. Which eventually ended up saying that the players did not play again since then Amid the news. He has an attitude problem And finally. He was loan out to play with Hertha Berlin and was follow by Olympique Marseille this season.

In the past, Guendouzi has spoken in several interviews about his satisfaction with joining Marseille, who has played 38 games for the team this season, including stepping up. The French national team is already a big set.