Sarri disappointed after Lazio lose to Inter.

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Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri slammed his players for surrendering too easily to Inter Milan and were beaten by the Nerazzurri late on Sunday.

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri admitted he was frustrated by the result of their latest match. A 3-1 defeat to Inter Milan despite taking the lead late in the first half. But was beaten by the Nerazzurri team three goals late in the game Saying his side surrender too easily. According to a report from Sky Italia on Sunday.  

‘At the most crucial moment we surrender. We conceded easily. Lose a ball that shouldn’t be lost. I didn’t like that moment of the match. When Inter shouted at us, we surrendered.’ 

Sarri said:

‘Until the 20th minute of the second half it wasn’t like that. We didn’t drop much on the physical side. But in terms of surrender.’

Sarri also revealed that he felt a marked drop in form for the Rome Eagles after a series of victories. 

‘Inter did not do well in a period of time. But during this decisive moment they can change I’m talking about energy capacity. We are the team that works the most. I had to be a mechanic at some point. For a long match, I saw Lazio in the game.’ UFABET

‘We almost doubled the score towards the end of the first half. We still miss the rhythm of the garden back home. But we have to keep focusing. Because if at the beginning of the year someone said we would be in this position in the table at this point we would all be happy.’

Sarri also said of Robin Gosens’ goal that gave Inter Milan a 2-1 lead over Lazio: ‘We had time to take the lead. We could have gone in more and given Marusic more chances.’

‘The support faced too much risk today. So we have to make some mistakes. We are constantly being exposed.’

The Rome Eagles coach also clarified his decision to remove Ciro Immobile from the pitch in the 68th minute: ‘Obviously he is not at his best. he is growing he is practicing. But he’s not at his best yet. The team is struggling. And I think about players who can dribble more to help take the pressure off.’