Ten Hag continues to support Rashford, believes he will return to form.

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Erik Ten Hag came out to support Marcus Rashford once again to return to good form. Even though the Manchester United striker has had a bad start to the season.

Rashford finished as United’s top scorer with 30 goals last season. And was rewarded with a new contract worth £300,000 a week in the summer UFABET

But he has scored just one goal in 15 games this season. And it got worse in Denmark on Wednesday night. After he was sent off by a red card in United’s Champions League game against Copenhagen.

But Ten Hag has once again backed Rashford and insists he will find top form again.

“I think he’s not happy. And we weren’t happy. He has high expectations for himself. And right now he is not in the best form,” Ten Hag said.

“I know he will come back. And when the team plays better He will play better and score goals. I am confident in that.”

“He will improve and score goals this season. He knows everything completely. So he can get back on track.”

“It can happen very quickly. Sometimes you just need one game and I’m sure we’ll get there.”

“I think he knows he can do a better job than he’s doing right now. I’m sure his form will come back soon. He’s worked hard. He’ll be back to finishing sharply again. But it probably won’t happen automatically. As you can see We are in the right situation. But poor decision-making prevented us from scoring.” Ten Hag said.